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Mya Petite Hookah – Dark Blue

The Petite Hookah from Mya Saray

As with any Mya Saray hookah, you can expect high quality materials for the glass base, hose and ceramic bowl. Your customers can get a long lasting, quality hookah at a very affordable entry point into the wondrous world of hookah smoking.

The included hose is a full sized 66 inch Mya hose, that allows customers to lounge more comfortably without the fear of pulling over the hookah. The base is wide and flat relative to the height, so you can forget about this hookah toppling over.

If you have had success with this model, but would like to try a new variation, we highly recommend the Mya Minion and/or the Mya Minionette. Its the same size and quality, but features some new shapes and styling on the glass base.

Mya Petite Specs

Height: 8 inches
Hose: Mya Hookah Hose
Bowl: Mya Ceramic bowl
Base Options: Amber or Black or Dark Blue or Green or Purple or Sky Blue Petite Glass

Selling points:

-Quality far superior to any other comparably sized hookah.
-Great value for its price.
-All pieces machine made for precise fittings.
-Compact size but still comes with a five foot long Mya hose.


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