Mya Bambino Gold - Sky Blue - LIONSDELIVER

Mya Bambino Gold – Sky Blue

Mya Bambino Hookah Description

The Bambino is one of the best selling Mya hookahs of all time. Don’t let it fool you, while the Bambino may look like a piece of expensive art or a sought after antique, it is actually a beast of a hookah. This might be the most intricate hookah design in Mya’s catalog. The attention to detail in the designs on the shaft and the cool rough sphere base you will not find anywhere else. Beyond that, it is available in the standard silver finish and now a gold finish as well!.

Bambino Design and Selling Points

The great Bambino is compact at 12″ tall meaning it’s easy to pack up and transport. What do you need if you’re going to take your hookah places? Preferably a carrying case and guess what, Mya has you covered. The Bambino comes with a solid hard case so that the Bambino can always safely be your side kick. But wait, there’s more! The Bambino is available in tons of cool color combo options including the silver/gold shafts and 5+ base color options. Hose and bowl color will match base color selection.

Mya Bambino Specs:




Stainless steel with silver or gold finish


Glass sphere available in 6 color selections


Mya wood handled


Mya ceramic


Hard case


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Earn 3 Nukes ☢️ worth $3.00

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