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Egyptian Handmade Clay Bowl – Brown

Clay Egyptian Hookah Bowls

These traditional hookah bowl are hand-made from clay in Egypt, which means that sizes and shapes may vary. They are the included bowls with most Egyptian, Nammor and Khalil Mamoon hookahs. This basic bowl design works with virtually any hookah and is very user friendly.

*Medium Egyptian clay bowls come packed individually in a small box. Height and width of bowls can vary due to their handmade nature.

Egyptian Bowl Design

Egyptian bowls are the basic cup shape with holes punched through the bottom. Since these bowls are hand-made, the sizes and shapes will vary from bowl to bowl. You can also expect some minor imperfections that are associated with hand made artisan items, that in no way affect the durability or function of the bowl. They hold from 12 – 20 grams of shisha.


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