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Echo Micron 1 Hookah – Silver

Echo Micron Hookah

We can’t say for sure which time traveler dropped this hookah off on our doorstep, but we know for sure it came from the future! The Echo Micron hookah stands at an assembled height of 17 inches tall and features a threaded assembly that can easily be disassembled into several pieces for easy cleaning and maintenance. These inexpensive hookahs will be sure to dazzle your customers, all at a value to you.

Echo Micron Accessories

The Echo Dragon hookah includes a washable plastic hose, a glazed ceramic bowl, all necessary grommets, and tongs. That means you’re getting complete and functional hookah setups right from the very start – no extra accessories required! The hose is entirely washable and can be kept clean using hot water and/or lemon juice. Just give it a rinse and hang it up to dry.

Echo Micron Specs:

Height: 17 inches

Stem: Stainless steel downstem w/ aluminum exterior

Base: Screw-in connection

Hose: Washable plastic

Bowl: Glazed ceramic


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