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Hyde N-Bar Recharge - Blue Razz Ice (4500 Puffs)

WARNING: This product contains nicotine derived from tobacco. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

4500 Puffs / $29.99 = ~150 Puffs per Dollar

With over 4500 puffs, a rechargeable battery and a price tag lower than anywhere else – all you gotta do is sit tight and forget about all the other times when you bought a boof bar that tasted like ass from the gas station. You’re welcome.

Blue Razz Ice is the classic of Hydes. Adding a fruity blend of blue raspberry & pouring lemonade to mix with.

Charger comes separate!

Juicy:  💧💧💧

Icy:       ❄️❄️ 


Sweet: 🍭🍭🍭🍭


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