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Honey Mango Flavored King Palm Blunt Wraps & Flavored Filter Tips (2ct)

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All Natural Blunt Wraps

These sweet chocolate chip cookie-flavored blunt wraps are made from premium Palm leaves grown organically. These leaves give you the perfect non-tobacco, nicotine-free, and chemical-free smoking experience that you expect from a palm made flavored Cookies blunt.

Remember that even though a natural blunt wrap like ours doesn’t come with any risk of addiction like traditional tobacco blunt wraps, inhaling the smoke of any kind comes with inherent health concerns. Still, these blunt wraps provide a healthy alternative to tobacco blunt wrap options.

How to roll Palm leaf blunt wraps?

We make sure that every blunt wrap is the perfect freshness and ready to roll. You can easily roll them by hand as you would any other blunt or drop them in a King Palm blunt roller for unbeatable consistency and simplicity.

King Palm’s organic blunt wraps are free from the following:

  • GMOs
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Dyes

Many other blunt wraps contain addictive chemicals like nicotine, but our palm blunt wraps don’t. It’s much safer to inhale smoke from palm leaves than tobacco leaves since there’s no risk of addiction.


How Do You Roll Palm Leaf Blunt Wraps?

Rolling your banana blunt wrap is easy. First, insert the joint filter tip in line with the palm blunt wrap. Fill it with cannabis and roll it just like you would any joint. It’s even easier if you use a King Palm rolling machine! You can close the natural blunt wrap using blunt glue, or you can simply lick the edges for a good seal.

Your banana blunt wrap will burn slowly and evenly. Enjoy the subtle, flavorful tropical experience!


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