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Grape HD Flavored King Palm Mini Rolls Inc. Tips (5ct)

King Palm’s Berry Terp Minis bring you doses of mouth-watery, juicy fruit with each hit. Included with our 5-pack of Berry Terp Minis is our signature bamboo packing stick, so you can easily load your dry herb and start the sesh. No rolling is needed. And, whenever you’re ready to complement the natural flavor of your smoke with hints of ripe blueberries, simply squeeze the filter tips to pop the flavor capsule inside. You can pop it before you spark the cherry or wait until you’re halfway through. You choose when to release the flavor. Our pre-rolled cones come in a universal pouch with their specific flavor marked on the back.


Resealable Package Includes:

  • Five Mini Organic Pre-Rolled Palm Leaf cones
  • Five Terpene-Infused Filter Tips (Pre-installed)
  • Bamboo Stick for Packing
  • Humidity Pack

Distinct Smoking Features

These Berry Terps pre-rolled cones are incredible for more than just their bright, fruity flavors. From a palm-leaf cone design to an organic corn husk filter, King Palm cones offer a distinctively unique smoke experience.

Smooth, Slow Burn

King Palm leads the industry in having wraps that produce smooth, slow burns every time. Since these pre-rolled cones are made from real palm leaves, you don’t have to worry about an uneven burn or frustrating canoeing during your sesh. Even though our cones might be mini, they can burn a long time. Long enough to lose count of how many rotations it has made.

Revolutionary Flavor Tips

Our Berry Terps Minis come with five pre-installed squeezable filter tips that deliver mouth-watering flavors to complement your natural smoke. To activate the berry flavors, all you have to do is squeeze the end of your pre-rolled cones until you hear a pop. Once you hear the noise, the essential oils are released, and you get delicious, fresh flavors of blueberries in every hit.

Natural Palm Leaves for a Tobacco-Free Smoke

King Palm is famous for our Cordia leaves that offer a tobacco-free product. You get to experience the most flavorful smoke possible without any harsh dyes or glues. What’s more, our corn husk filter tips keep your Berry Terps pre-rolled cones from burning too hot.


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