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Banana Cream Flavored King Palm Mini Rolls Inc. Tips (5ct)

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Who doesn’t love a little banana? Now, thanks to King Palm’s Banana Cream Mini 5-Pack, you can get a taste of your favorite fruit in every cloudy puff. Featuring a hand-rolled Cordia palm leaf and our revolutionary flavored filter tip, this package of flavored pre-roll cones is a dream for every smoker. Our 5-pack of pre-roll cones come in a universal pouch with their specific flavor marked on the back.


Resealable Package Contains:

  • Five Mini Pre-roll Palm Leaf Cones
  • Five Preinstalled Banana Cream Flavored Tips
  • One Bamboo Stick
  • One Humidity Packet for Long-Lasting Freshness

Unique Smoking Experience

On top of being absolutely delicious, King Palm’s five-pack of Banana Cream Minis produces one of the best smokes you’ll ever experience. We accomplish that with our pre-roll cones’ signature, innovative design.

All-Natural Banana Cream Flavored Filter Tips

An industry first, King Palm has created state-of-the-art filter tips that have a terpene-infused ball of essential oils sealed inside. In order to activate these already-inserted filters, all you have to do is squeeze the tip until you hear an audible pop. Once you hear the sound, you’ve released the flow of banana cream flavor into each and every one of your hits.

Slow-Burning Preroll Cones

Along with our revolutionary flavored tips, we exclusively use high-end materials that allow our pre-roll cones to provide the best smoke sesh possible. Our natural palm leaf rolls are thick and specially cured to create a slow-burning smoke that you can puff on much longer than paper cones. Though they’re mini, these King Palms are designed to burn for several rotations of your circle.

Tobacco-Free Smoke

King Palm’s Mini Rolls–and all of our other pre-roll cones–are made with hand-rolled palm leaves that come straight from Mother Nature herself. Our wraps are tobacco-free and have no artificial flavoring. That’s a guilt-free smoke if you ask us.


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1 review for Banana Cream Flavored King Palm Mini Rolls Inc. Tips (5ct)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Anonymous (store manager)

    delicious and easy to roll with

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